MTA Tunnels and Bridges to Feature in New York

Accelerating traffic is the main objective of open-road tolling

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, cashless powered tolls closets on all tunnels and bridges that are MTA-Operated in the New York City region will be completed in 2017.The project will also incorporate color LED bridge illumination as well as facial recognition cameras launched for drivers to intensify security.

Cuomo said “It’s an obsolete way of collecting money.

Though moving around New York Metropolitan area isn’t getting cheaper, it will start getting faster than usual. This is because automatic toll plazas will replace toll gates at two tunnels and seven bridges all over the city, under Gov. Cuomo’s plan.


This was announced by the Governor two months ago, however, on Wednesday, he said it’s now full-speed onward. Besides the Governor also unveiled the latest TV ad feature fostering New York residents to register for E-Z Pass. Individuals who haven’t sign up for E-Z Pass will be spotted using license plate readers fixed to overhead structures known as oriental call-girls booking gantries, and they will be charged some amount.


People who will not to pay will not escape, as newly assigned troopers will be waiting in the tunnels and bridges. The refurbished toll locations will feature special pull-off lanes and police officers will know easily if drivers didn’t pay the charges in the past.


Governors Ball Music Festival

For the last ten years, Hard rock Tools have not performed a decent show in New York. This will soon be changed, nevertheless, as the group is ready to perform in the Governors Ball Music Festival the coming summer, Sound Consequence is now improving. Being its 7th year, the Governors Ball festival will be held on 2nd June and will be scheduled at Randall’s Island Park. Apart from becoming Tool’s first New York City musical performance for the last decade, the event will register their first play in Northeast US region since 2012.

New York Asian Escort Service

The band stays on determined on its anticipated continuation. During October, they participated in recording this significant albums. Unfortunately, only five songs in their performance met the band’s standard and Judge Maynard Keenan did not write any lyrics as he conventionally waited till 90% of the music instrumentals were written. Governor’s representatives dropped their appeal for comment, pronouncing that the complete Governors Ball team will be revealed early 2017, whereby point tickets will be sold as well.


Damon Harrison to Be Sidelined in New York Giants NFL Pro Bowl:

On Tuesday night, the New York Giants selected four players to the Pro Bowl match, though it seems some players were disregarded from the team selection. Quarterback Damon Harrison was surprisingly the biggest cut from the New York based team. Since Harrison sack total is quite low, at 1.5 sacks and three quarterback shots, his effort on pass charging plays gets disregarded He has a good work rate and pushes the defense to reach the quarterback.


Harrison’s significance in the team comes alongside the run. With 80 tackles made in 16 weeks, He is highly rated for nose tackles by Pro Football Focus and also ranked top in NFL run stop percentage by a wide gap at 16.4%.

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