A Startling explosion in New York injures about 29 people

Reportedly, a shocking incident transpired in Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York at 8:30 pm on Saturday when a sudden explosion occurred. Following the affirmation of authorities, the explosion was actually caused by a homemade bomb which ended up causing injuries to about 29 people nearby on a crowded sidewalk. Later on, after some hours, it was revealed by the authorities that a second explosive device was traced four blocks away from the startling incident in the city.

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In response to the sickening incident, Mayor Bill de Blasio came out strongly to condemn the heinous act, terming it “an intentional act”, despite the fact that there was no claim of responsibility by any personalities regarding the explosion. The mayor went ahead to reassure people that they should not be worried since the authorities will do their best to secure ground for security. He also added that there is no way New Yorkers will be intimidated.


==The Device==

When the authorities narrowed down in an effort to identify what the second device really was, they figured out that it was a pressure cooker. They also recounted the incident that occurred in Boston Marathon bombings in 2013, where a similar device was found. This information stemmed from a police official who was actively involved in the investigative process of the disturbing explosion. However, it was not clearly established whether it was exactly the same device that caused the surprising incident that damaged cars and shattered windows as well.


==Police Operations==

Once the police officers streamed into the area, they did their best to ensure safety around. In fact, to underpin that they were earnestly safeguarding the people from possibly impending danger, they closed traffic operations the fifth and eighth avenues. However, this did not go on to see the light of day, since by 7 am the next morning only 23rd street was closed. 

The NYPD safely got rid of the device as per the police department tweet at 2:24 am.ET Sunday. The good news is that no one kicked the bucket during the eventuality. In addition to that, the mayor also illuminated that investigations are still underway in order to establish the reasons behind the explosion. He went ahead to order the investigations despite the fact that New York was not actually facing any threats.


==Harrowing Experiences of some Witnesses==


Klass Claes, a co-owner of a Belgian restaurant referred to as BXL Zoute was on west 22nd avenue during the incident. While astounded, he described the incidence as that similar to a rear gate slamming on a huge dump truck unimaginably loudly. Once they heard the explosion, he ran out of the restaurant in the company of the customers to ascertain what was taking place. To his utter surprise, there was no single sign of fire or smoke. What he observed shortly afterward is that the fire departments and police officers arrived at the scene after a short while.


Ramon Lopez, a 48-year-old resident of East Harlem was also caught up in the incident while at the 23rd and Sixth Avenue. He confided to the media that the explosion made it seem like the building was crumbling down in a moment. He hastily ran off about a block away before turning back to have a clear view of the scene. He then decided to rush back to the place to help a woman who was grimacing in pain while shouting that she had lost her sight. He recalled the experience as extremely shocking. Certainly, it was an overly astounding eventuality.

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